Test participant

대한피부과학연구소(KDRI)에서 진행하는 피부 관련 시험을
신청할 수 있습니다.

Procedure of Test participation

대한피부과학연구소(KDRI)에서 진행하는 피부 관련 시험 참여 절차 안내입니다.

Test participation

  • step 01

    Check the recruitment announcement

  • step 02

    Apply for the test

  • step 03

    According to the testing scheduleVisit the testing center after checking the individual notification

  • step 04

    Description of testing product andSign the agreement

  • step 05

    Instrument analysis and visual evaluation

  • step 06

    Hand out the products

  • step 07

    After returning back home, in accordance to the guidelineuse the product

  • step 08

    Join the test with the same method

  • step 09

    Get paid for the subject fee

Subjects in general Excluded conditions

  • Sensitive skin or skin with skin diseases
  • People who are taking or using the skin problem related medications
  • Pregnant or breast feeding, people who have the possibility of being pregnant
  • People who has already joined the same test within 6 months (Exceptions for some test)
  • People who regularly gets the skin care treatment

Guide to the cost of participating in the exam


After participating in the clinical trial,
the amount notified in advance will be paid to your account under your name.